Brooklyn Banks Session Edit by: Mike SP

Saturday March 21st was the How We Roll Skate Gathering held at the Brooklyn Banks. Every rollerblader in the tri state area was in attendance. Mike SP of New Jersey recently uploaded this edit of his travel to New York City and some of the tricks that went down that day. Check out Skeptic Media’s Evan G 540 over the down rail while he catches his hat mid spin.


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5 Responses to “Brooklyn Banks Session Edit by: Mike SP”

  1. Joey G. Says:

    yo ralphy killllled it

  2. Alberto Says:

    Boring. Edit was wack. Song skipped like three times. Boring Intro. Wasnt impressed at all. and ok tricks i seen better in other edits.

  3. Kay Luz Says:

    meh.. the edit was kinda lame.
    i feel that itd be better if it actually showed the actual gathering, and all the ppl that were there.
    Half the edit was him showing flowers and showing the city and such…
    idk more skating, less… everything else.


  4. cozmik Says:

    lmao i dint even know someone was filmin but thanx for the clip i got in it lol and the edit was all that bad as yall make it seem

  5. DaveNgo Says:

    Damn that was the most stylish something 360 out and back backslide I have ever seen!

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