Boogie Down Show Down Photos

Franco Cammayo – Top Acid

Photos from the Bronx, NY competition in the Haven Arts Gallery. Check out the rest of his pictures below. Also, The Haven Arts gallery is still hosting sessions from 6pm-10pm for $5. They have the box that was used in the competition along with a few small Prails and ramps. It’s a perfect place to skate on a rainy day but call first to make sure the sessions are still going on. Check the Haven Arts website for info and directions. Boogie Down Show Down pictures after the jump.

John Stephens

Unknown – Makio

Jesus Medina – Top Acid

Taco – Fishbrain

Unknown – BS Farf

Jesus – TTS

Batman – AO Porn

Mikey Cancel – Kindgrind

Unknown – Front Torque

Hector Rodriguez – AO Soul

Chauncey – Top Acid

Hector – Unity

Kevin Citron – Topsoul

Hector – Topsoul

Unknown – Soul

Taco – Fish

Chauncey – Kindgrind

Cosmik – TTS

Unknown – Kindgrind

Cosmik – BS Royale

E 40 – Top Acid

Will Torres – Fishbrain

Hector – TTS

Sean Agoliati – BS Farf

Will Torres – TTP






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3 Responses to “Boogie Down Show Down Photos”

  1. TACO!!!fROM nyc! Says:

    IM NOT UNKNOWN!!!! ,….. TAco! …. YELLOW HEADband!

  2. D Says:

    WOw, That look like is was fun. Nyc Holdin it down with the events. Nice action pics btw.

  3. chauncey Says:

    yo son,it was a back ugly grind.not top acid.

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