Angelo Ferrer Premieres “Art of Rolling” Zine

Photo: Craig Benabu

Yesterday in the New York City industry meeting post, I mentioned that photographer Angelo Ferrer is working on creating a new magazine and last night he released it online for FREE! The first issue of the “Art of Rolling” zine features a ton of pictures of NYC’s finest rollerbladers that Angelo took personally. “Me and my girl have started a free rollerblading zine that is dedicated to New York City skating. This zine is in black and white and free for all the skaters who wish to view the Art of Rolling. We are currently out of stock of our first issue, which was given to rollerbladers in NYC. To check out the online PDF visit There will be future issues monthly, so be sure to look for the next issue next month. Thank You all of the skaters who participated in this issue!” – Angelo. I got my hands on their magazine Wednesday night and it’s definitly worth the 2 seconds it takes to download. Angelo and his wife are taking the right steps to help expose the talent of New York City and now they’re asking you to be apart of it.

This is your chance to get your face and name out to the world! If you’ve always wanted to have your picture in a published magazine this is your opportunity! Contact Angelo at for more information!

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  1. KILLHYPE Says:

    Nice work! Just posted over to KILLHYPE… -B

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