B. Unique Jam Session Tonight at Haven Arts Gallery

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For those who missed out on the Boogie Down Show Down and for those who will not be leaving to attend the Bitter Cold Show Down this weekend, B.Unique and the Haven Arts Gallery are throwing one last final jam session with a $100 prize for best trick. This will not be setup like your average competition. It’s in a jam session format which means all the competitors will session the box through the night and the winner will be announced later in the evening. Besides the jam session, B.Unique will be showing off their new never before seen products for 2009 and may also be giving a few samples out.

Photo/Flyer: Craig Benabu

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2 Responses to “B. Unique Jam Session Tonight at Haven Arts Gallery”

  1. Taco Jenkins Says:

    i heard craig has a huge D!

  2. murphy Mcnasty Says:

    i have proof that he does have the largest D in brooklyn. go to this link


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