Boogie Down Show Down Pictures By: Angelo Ferrer

Rafael Herrera – Tru Mistrial (Click to enlarge)

When I (Craig) met up with Angelo Ferrer the night of the Boogie Down Show Down we gave each other a look that said, “Wow, there’s way too many crazy stunts to capture with just one photograph.” Luckily enough, Angelo came prepared with flashes surrounding the skate box, and captured a lot of great photos that froze some of the sickest tricks in time. You can see the rest of Angelo’s photos from the BDSD (Boogie Down Show Down) below and on his flickr page.

Hector Rodriguez – Unity

Chauncey Jenkins – Kindgrind

Tim Franken – Top Torque Soul

Will Sorto – Tru Top Soyale

Damian Michalski – 360 Top Soul

Mikey Cancel – AO Fish

Franco Cammayo – BS Fastslide

Sean Agoliati – BS Savannah

Alex Nunez – AO Top Porn

Full quality and more pictures on Angelo Ferrer’s Flickr page.


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3 Responses to “Boogie Down Show Down Pictures By: Angelo Ferrer”

  1. james Says:

    omg any new news guys? great event but i think we got the idea by now!
    -keep up the good work

  2. Richie Velasquez Says:

    Damn.. I wish i were in NY right now.. Good shit you guys this looks like a dope event… I miss you NY

  3. » Boogie Down ShowDown - Comp in an Art Gallery | Says:

    […] Check more pictures of the contest here. Photos by Angelo Ferrer. […]

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