RePost: Alex Nunez The King Of Queens

July 16, 2014

On July 16th, 2013, the world lost an amazing talent. Alex Nuñez was an idol and an inspiration to people all over the world. His passion for life and blading deemed him the “King of Queens”, here is a closer look at Alex through the eyes of his loved ones. Made possible with contributing footage from Sam DeAngeles, Thomas LiPani, Navin Hardyal and video sections from “Maintain”, “One”, “Eleven Thirty One”, “Checkmate”, “Distinction”, “Urban Royalty”, “Icons”, “Game Theory” & “Signature”.


July 8, 2014

“Video was filmed mostly during in the cold winter, homies didn’t let that stop them from lacing.Made it out to some indoor skate parks and some other spots, hope you all enjoy it and a good job from them. Some dam great times. Much more to come!” – Antonio Lassalle.

A Hater’s Point Of View: Slomo

June 25, 2014

I, like many of you, was introduced to Slomo about two months ago. Which in the social media world equates to about five years. Remember #saveourgirls? Yeah, exactly! Actually, I can pin point the date I finally gave in and watched this video, because I tweeted my hatred for it immediately. The date was April 2, 2014. One day after April Fool’s day, which was highly convenient as I felt like I got duped for giving into the rollerblading hype about this documentary. You might be asking yourself, “Why are you writing an article about a video that everyone has forgotten about already?” Well, because I finally got a chance to finish writing this shit and I’m such a self centered asshole that I feel like people just have to read my work.
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Chris Dejesus 2014

June 21, 2014

Chris DeJesus drops his first edit featuring clips from Pier 25, Coleman Skatepark, and Brooklyn street spots. Filmed by Sean Grossman, Eddie Chung, Joaquin Fletcher, Moe, and Craig B.

Maktub Online Video From The Kobryn Brothers

June 13, 2014

The Kobryn brothers and Joey Lunger just released a new online video featuring the best from the East Coast including New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania bladers. Featuring profiles on Joey Lunger, Jimmy Kobryn, Taylor Kobryn, Matt Capacete, Nick Fatato, and Trevor Johnson.

Kristopher Craig Edit

June 2, 2014

“Kris’s blading is packed with energy and is one hell of a ripper. He would be down to blade almost any blade spot you put in front of him and you could barley catch him sitting down for a break at a sesh. Song: Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment by The Ramones. Filmed with a Sony DCR-TRV120″ – Antonio Lassalle.

New Kore Skates + Souls

June 1, 2014


During yesterday’s Blade-O De Mayo we got the first look at the new Kore skates and souls. Retail price is said to be $365.00.

A New York Minute: Sal Zaso

May 27, 2014

“A New York Minute” is my next rollerblading project. It consists of minute long sections from popular New York skaters. Sal Zaso was first on the chopping block. He gets more clips in one day than anybody I know of. It’s always a pleasure working with this dude.. Stay tuned for more content coming soon! – Sean Grossman.”

Blade-O De Mayo Saturday May 31st

May 10, 2014


Sk8r4Life is throwing their first ever competition and the first competition of the Summer at River Avenue skatepark in the BX. There’s a $500.00 cash prize so make sure to come out and show your support to see one of NYC’s finest take home the dough. Check out all the details on the flyer and below.

Date: Saturday May 31st, 2014.
Time: Registration at 12PM.
Location: River Avenue Skatepark, Bronx NY.
Entrance Fee: $5.00 to enter.
Train Directions: Take the 4 or D train to the 161 Street-Yankee Stadium/River Avenue train stop.
Walking Directions via Google Maps

The New York City Blader Diet

April 28, 2014

As a New York City rollerblader, there are certain stigmas that we’re supposed to live up to. Baggy Evisu jeans, durags, and floppy TRS’s are still a part of our reputation according to the popularized West Coast scene who are only now exploring the depths of Brooklyn because their fellow white kin folk have gentrified the once dangerous areas as of late. As much bullshit as the above mentioned stigma is, there’s one piece of our reputation that we can still live up to…proudly. We know the best places to get our grub on. The I Roll NY staff put together a list of the most common food and beverage choices of a New York City rollerblader. So the next time you hear the dreaded, “Where can I get some awesome New York pizza bro?” question from some out of state blader, you can just link them to this article. We understand that the struggle is real and we’re here to help you survive your day of blading for under $5.00.
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